Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Clear Flour Bread - Allston MA

One thing I haven't had much of in the past couple years was fresh bread from a local bakery. But lately, I've wandered to a couple different bakeries in the Allston/Brighton/Brookline area, When Pig's Fly Bakery, and Clear Flour Bread. Both places are wonderful and bake some awesome bread but today I only have pictures from the latter...I have to admit that I ate the bread from When Pigs Fly before I remembered to take pictures.

Anyway, Clear Flour has all kinds of daily specials in addition to a large assortment of staple breads including one of my favorites, an onion foccacia! They also bake many different pastries and sometimes have creative versions of a bread that are amazing! They had a loaf of Challah bread shaped like a turtle the last time I visited and I've seen bread baked in the shapes of flowers as well!

Here are the pictures! See for yourself :)

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