Wednesday, October 29, 2008

New Jang Su Korean BBQ - Burlington MA

Spicy Squid and Pork stir fry

So it's been another long while since the last post! To tell the truth, I didn't cook the whole month of September, horrible isn't it??? That, coupled with vacations to Las Vegas and Seattle, and wow, my body was hating me!

Anyway, enough of that and back to the food huh? This post is about New Jang Su Korean BBQ, and as the name suggests, a Korean BBQ in Burlington MA. A very good friend of mine rants and raves about this place, and believe it or not, it was over a year before I managed to arrange dinner there :)

So, a bunch of us finally went a couple months back, and wow, definitely worth the trip (and nearly the year's wait too!) The Kalbi was incredibly juicy and the Bibimbap was one of the best I've had. My friend ordered more than enough for 10-12 people (There were 8 of us) and it's a good thing too, since we ended up finishing it all!



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