Monday, February 2, 2009

The Seasoned Frank

Hello Everybody! Dave invited me to become a contributor to this blog, and I accepted so here I am! Like Dave, I'm also a pretty big foodie, but I've been recently getting into eating healthy (when I'm eating at home/work). Of course, I still order anything I want when I go out to restaurants. I mean, if you're going out to eat, why limit yourself? I'll be posting lots of different things--of course all of them will be food related!

I thought I would post a couple of interesting videos I've watched in the past week or so. The first one is pretty much everything you need to know about bread, and the second is about American Chinese food. Both are from Taste3, which is a branch off of TEDtalks--a conference about Technology, Entertainment, and Design. Check out more Taste3 videos here.