Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Seasoned Noob's 1st birthday!

Well, today marks exactly 1 year since I started this whole deal and I just wanted to thank everyone for humoring me by reading my posts along the way, screwups and all. Just looking back at a few of the posts reminds me about how much I've learned just cooking different dishes and even though I'm still a recipe-based cook, I've experimented a lot more with different amounts of spices and whatnot to figure out how different tastes mix.

And as to the surprise...I'm unveiling a new, re-designed Seasoned Noob! I like some of the expandability that self-hosting a blog brings and after looking at what it would cost me for everything, I decided to finally bite the bullet. The price wasn't really all that bad and the other roadblock (read: my own laziness) was thrown by the wayside last week!

So I'm proud to present the new site but I'm still making a few tweaks (and there will be more in the future, I need a new banner, plus some other things) so I hope you all can bear with me.

The site is, please update your bookmarks and change your feeds/e-mail subscriptions!

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