Monday, February 18, 2008

Somerville Visit

I always find myself in Somerville at least once a month and when I'm there, I always try to make it to a few of my former eateries as a former Tufts grad. One of them makes some of the best pasta in Boston and it just so happens I stopped there on Saturday.

Dave's Fresh Pasta sells, as you may have guessed, fresh pasta! They have about half a dozen or so freshly made ravioli each day that you can purchase at a pretty darn reasonable price. They also stock various cheeses and pre-prepared foods ranging from lasagna to clam chowder. There are wine tasting events monthly (or more than that, I don't quite remember) and the selection is fairly large. And not only that, but they also make fresh sandwiches, rotating about 4-6 different sandwiches of the day, including one of my favorites, the Cuban. And all this is crammed into a small retail space where not an inch of room is wasted.

They're located right outside of Davis Square, along Holland ave going towards Teele Square.

I ended up ordering a sandwich I'd never seen there before, made with flank steak!

It's got flank steak, boursin cheese, caramelized onions, and the obligatory lettuce. Personally, they had me at the flank steak...or was it the onions. Anyway, wolfed that down real quick and off I went to another favorite place.

The Tea Zone is the opposite way away from Davis...going down Elm Street nearly until you hit Wilson Square (or Somerville Avenue). Really small place but has an excellent selection of tea leaves (not the prepacked stuff that you can buy in a grocery store, but the nice fresh stuff!) Ended up picking up a couple pounds of different teas for work (waking up, duh!) and for home (anti-aging :P)


Frank said...

hmmm...i thought dave's was kind of exp, but maybe i'm just a cheap bastard =P

Dave said...

I ended up getting some pumpkin + smoked mozzarella ravioli for six dollars...I mean, it's not a $1 box of dried pasta you can get at the supermarket ;P