Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Spur of the Moment Cooking

This recipe is one I've commonly seen on the Asian blogs I've read, varying slightly from blog to blog. Adapted my own version for tonight's dinner.

It actually ended up kind of a spur of the moment thing for me. I had all of the ingredients already and didn't feel like eating leftovers from Monday. Speaking of Monday, I forgot to take pictures of the Pad See Ew I made (bummer!) but I'll make sure to remember next time!

Anyway, sister's birthday is tomorrow so Happy Birthday Rachael! Maybe I should make her special cookies to commemorate it ;)

Stir Fry with Pork, Peppers, and Onions

1 lb pork (I used pork chops - can also use less than a pound if you like more veggies)
1 medium onion, sliced
1 bell pepper, sliced (I used a green pepper)

Marinade for the pork:
1/2 tsp Salt
1/2 tsp Sugar
2 tsp Light Soy Sauce
1 tsp Dark or Sweet Soy Sauce
1 tbsp Corn Flour
1 tsp Fish Sauce
1 tbsp Water

1/2 tbsp Oyster Sauce
1/2 tbsp Light Soy Sauce
1 tbsp Crushed Black Pepper
1 tsp Sesame Oil
1/2 tbsp Fish Sauce
1 tsp Sugar
1/2 tbsp Corn Flour
3 tbsp Water

1. Slice the pork thinly (bout 1/4 inch slices)
2. Mix the marinade and marinate pork for 30 minutes
3. Add a tablespoon of oil to the wok and turn on high heat
4. Stir fry the pork briefly until lightly browned
5. Stir in peppers and onions and toss to get a good mix. It's ok to sear the onion/peppers a little, it tastes awesome!
6. Add the sauce, toss well to get everything coated.
7. Serve over rice when the sauce thickens


Frank said...

happy birthday rachael!

Lisa said...

ooh loving the pics! looks good

Al said...

I made it last Fri...came out really tasty with rice noodles.