Friday, November 28, 2008

Lowell's Restaurant and Bar - Seattle

Lowell's Menu

Hope everyone had a safe and happy Thanksgiving! I got to help prepare Thanksgiving dinner this time and as soon as I find time to process the pictures, I'll have a post :)

Anyway, back to the exploits from my Seattle vacation! I wrote about Pike Place's different markets and stores last time, now I'd like to highlight one of the dining experiences there. The morning before my flight back to the East Coast, a buddy and I got up super early (well, 7:30am is early for being on vacation :P) and hiked our way over to Pike's Place for a hearty breakfast at Lowell's Restaurant and Bar.

Earlier in the weekend, I asked some of the local merchants about where a good place to eat would be and the majority first choice was Lowell's. So I wasn't going to miss an opportunity to eat there for sure, especially if it's popular among the local population!

I ended up with the oyster scramble (seafood breakfast every day while I was in Seattle :P) and my buddy had a salmon scramble, both were excellent and Lowell's definitely lived up to expectations.

Lowell's oyster scramble
Lowell's salmon scramble

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So good...

Better if not hungover...