Sunday, November 16, 2008

Pike Place Market - Seattle

Back at the end of August, I ended up in Seattle on vacation with some friends from high school. We were there for different reasons than food, but I quickly discovered that Pike Place Market was just a few blocks away from our hotel! Thanks to the concierge (and no thanks to my pre-vacation preparation :P), we were all introduced to a fantastic market, with fresh fish, meat, vegetables, and a myriad of other shops and stores!

One of the first sights was the largest fish counter I'd seen in recent memory. Several workers stood out front taking orders and stacking the shelves with the day's catch. I was actually there early enough one day to see the workers setting everything up. Whole fish being chopped and cleaned behind the counter, and more whole fish and sacks of shellfish being hauled in from the harbor with an assembly line of workers throwing the day's catch all the way up the ramps!

Right next door was a large meat counter, with many cuts that you don't normally see in a supermarket...all fresh and ready to cook! And next to that was a small bakery, a donut stand, and a gourmet tea shop!

I could write a book on all of these different places, but maybe it's better if I just show some pictures :)


Al said...

You finally get those pic's up, ya bastard.

Sooo good. If I wasn't as hungover, I think I would have loved to get seconds...

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