Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Shanghai Gate in Allston

Allston is generally pretty well known for its collection of bars, most notably Sunset Tap & Grill (at least to this noob). However, tucked away in the hustle and bustle is a small Shanghainese Restaurant, aptly called Shanghai Gate.

A couple coworkers and friends had told me about this place after I moved to the area and I ended up having takeout one night this past winter, but I had never actually physically been to the restaurant. So a couple weeks ago, a couple buddies were over and we decided we'd give it a shot.

And wow, I was pleasantly surprised with a great meal! I know that all I've posted were positive things about restaurants but really, I just like them that much!

Anyway, we had several different dishes. After sifting through the menu (there are plenty of choices of Americanized Chinese food available like your Orange Chicken or Sesame Beef), we decided on the soup dumplings, smoked fish appetizer, Shanghai rice cakes, Beef & brown sauce, and stir-fried pea pod stems in garlic. The waitress even understood my broken Cantonese!

Of all of the places in Boston to get soup dumplings, these had to have been my favorite. They weren't the biggest dumplings around, but each had just enough soup wrapped expertly with a pork mix. My other favorite was the Shanghai rice cakes. It could use a little more flavor (I liked Gourmet Dumpling House's better) but overall, it was definitely a hit!

We also ended up back there again later that week and had their tilapia w/ ginger/scallions (not steamed which was a bummer but was very well prepared anyway). Also had the Shanghai Rice Cakes again in addition to the Pea Pod Stems and Crispy Beef which was a little greasy for our tastes.

Here are some pictures:

Soup Dumplings

Scallion Pancakes

Pea Pod Stems in Garlic

Shanghai Rice Cakes

Beef in Brown Sauce

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