Saturday, April 19, 2008

Tasty Gourmet - Throwback to the college eats

I ended up in Medford the other day with a buddy for some well-needed tennis and afterwards, stopped by one of our favorite haunts from the college days.

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Tasty Gourmet by definition is a deli, but they make some of the best sandwiches (not to mention some awesome french fries). They also serve, as some of my friends can attest to (story for another time :P), some of the biggest portions I've ever seen. They're even open bright and early for breakfast, where some of their breakfast sandwiches (Ham on the Moon - Ham and egg on toasted bread) are a welcome beginning to the day.

And as is with most restaurants I go to, the staff used to know me by face and name, mainly because of the sheer volume of business I gave them (There's also a funny story about some chowder I got there once - which was good by the way), but they're a friendly sort and they just installed a plasma tv for sit-in diners.

Arizona Chicken Sandwich

Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

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