Thursday, April 3, 2008

Hei La Moon in Chinatown

I've been to Hei La Moon multiple times over the past year but had the best experience by far a couple weeks ago with my parents. Hei La Moon, like many other Chinese restaurants in the area, serves Dim Sum as well as the more traditional style lunch/dinner fixings.

The restaurant itself is not actually in Chinatown but about a block away from where the gate is located. There are two floors to the restaurant and I ended up downstairs the last few times I was there. The food, while pretty good, sometimes was a little old (sat around for a while I guess), mainly because I'd been there later in the day (noon-1pm). This past time, I was there around 9:45am and we were seated upstairs. The place was actually pretty empty and the food was super fresh! I think I actually ate more than I should have (which isn't saying much because I always pig out at Dim Sum).

Some of the pictures are posted below :)

I'll try my best to describe some of the dishes, but I mostly know only the Chinese name for them :P

Classic Shrimp Dumplings - a Dim Sum must have:

Tofu skin wrapped around chicken, roast pork, mushroom:

Pork, peanut, radish, and other veggies dumpling:


Pork dumplings:


Nilmandra said...

I'm going to be in Boston next week and might just keep an eye out for this restaurant. I'm sure there will be a bunch of us who will wander into Chinatown for food at some point during our trip :)

Dave said...

That's great to hear! I'm not sure how early they open but I was there around 10am last time and it was excellent. Hope you enjoy your trip!