Sunday, June 22, 2008

Carlos Cucina Italiana - Allston

Fettucini alla Marysa

Usually, when I think about grabbing Italian food, the North End immediately pops into mind where restaurants are two storefronts apart and the cannoli are aplenty :P

But recently I ended up at Carlos Cucina Italiana right in the heart of Allston on Brighton Ave. I'd read a lot of reviews and news about Carlos' but I'd never had a chance to eat there myself...the only times I seemed to end up there were on Friday or Saturday nights and the place was always jam packed (which is a good sign I suppose!). Finally, I happened by during lunch last week with the roommate and figured what the heck, it wasn't busy so we might as well try it out.

The restaurant itself is pretty small, roughly 12 tables in total. The decor on the walls and the ceiling suit the Italian theme very well however the tables and chairs don't match up well at all.

After looking at the lunch menu, we decided we had to eat off of the dinner menu (after all, that's where Carlos' specialties are!) and the waitress was kind enough to suggest a few dishes.

I had the Fettucini alla Marysa and the roommate had the Gnocchi Spezzatino (pictures below). I devoured my meal with almost unnatural haste!

Gnocchi Spezzatino


Linh said...

Do they make their own pasta???

Dave said...

I didn't ask unfortunately and it doesn't say on the menu :(