Sunday, June 8, 2008

Super 88 foodcourt - A smorgasbord of Asian cuisine

Crispy Basil Chicken

Super 88 is one of the local Asian Supermarkets (there's several other smaller markets around) to Allston. They have a pretty good selection of Asian sauces, vegetables, and snacks, among many other things. There's a large seafood section where you can get fresh (read: alive :P) fish or not as fresh (read: not alive) fish on ice. You choose a fish, tell the fishmonger, and he'll gut it, scale it, and if you want, remove the head and the tail as well. They also have a decent selection of meats, though I think the seafood section might actually be bigger but they have a coarse grinder for their meat, which is the way I like it. And I can't forget the fresh noodles that are stocked as well.

But one of the unique things about this Super 88 is that there's a food court, called the Super 88 Connection. There are about 8 (I might be forgetting one) places to get a freshly cooked meal, spanning Japanese, Korean, Indonesian, Chinese, and Indian food. There's also a bubble tea stand, Lollicup that has a wide variety of sweet drinks.

Anyway, on this particular occasion, a few friends and I decided to stage a family-style lunch, that is, we all order something different and share. Ended up with quite a variety of food from four of the different restaurants...the basil chicken is shown above. All in all quite delicious, two of my favorite dishes to get at Super 88 are shown, see if you can guess which one! ;)

Basil Squid:

Vegetable Tikka Masala:

Lemongrass Pork:

Pork Kimchi:


Frank said...

which is japanese? =P

Dave said...

Ken's Ramen house

Trung said...

You forgot Vietnamese...