Sunday, June 29, 2008

Fun Foods Snackery - Allston

During the summer back in New Jersey, the town would hold a few festivals or carnivals at the local park, pool, or sometimes right in the middle of downtown. All of the local stores would have special sales and there would be all sorts of special one-time items from some of the locals with side hobbies: painting, knitting, carpentry, etc.

And as with most festivals, there was the festival food, ranging from italian sausages, funnel cake, and fried dough, to one of my favorites during the summer, snow cones! Nothing more than crushed ice with some colored flavor to it but wow, they sure were good in the heat of the summer.

Fun Foods Snackery brings back the snow cone with a huge new twist! They've turned crushed ice with liquid flavoring into a fruit-filled and ice cream topped treat! Not to mention the flower cup :)

Their signature snack is the summer snow, shaved ice with chopped fruit of your choice, some flavoring and a scoop of ice cream. Now that's a great summer snack!

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