Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Cafe Mami in Porter Square

One thing about going to school in the area means that one will usually get familiar with the cheap and good eats around the area. Not so in this case. It took me a full 3.5 years before I even set foot in this tiny bistro (And by bistro, I'm being generous :P).

Cafe Mami is a tiny little 15 seat restaurant in what is known as the Porter Exchange in, of course, Porter Square, Cambridge. Anyway, the Exchange houses six different Asian restaurants (mostly Japanese) along with an Asian Grocery store (Again, more catered towards Japanese cuisine), and a Bubble tea stand, among other things.

But onto the food! When I lived in the area, it was common to see me at Cafe Mami close to twice/three times a week, and that's not really stretching the truth that far. I started off craving the Tokyo Hamburger Set but as time passed, I just started ordering the Tatsuta Curry every time.

And I'd always describe the place with a hearty "Soooooooooooooo Gooooooooooooooooooood!" when trying to convince anyone, friend or foe, of the good AND cheap eats available in town.

So here's a couple pictures of the place and the food!

The yummy Tatsuta Curry! Especially good with the egg :P

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