Thursday, March 27, 2008

Rod Dee and a little surprise :P

Been meaning to get around to posting about one of my favorite restaurants in the area and now decided I can't put it off any more. Rod Dee has two locations, one of which is very close in Coolidge Corner. It is generally a take-out/delivery place with a few tables for the occasional visitor to sit in.

That being said, I didn't actually know about this place when I moved into the area. My buddy from Thailand, Dana, raved that this was his favorite Thai restaurant in the Boston area and that had me convinced. Now, I frequent the place at least once a week, craving their Tom Yum Noodle Soup every time!

For a sub $10 meal, you really can't go wrong here...everything is fantastic and they have different specials every day. And as is with most Thai restaurants, just because it's not on the menu doesn't mean they won't make it for you!

The pictures below are of the Tom Yum Noodle Soup. It's my favorite dish there and I've never found anything like it at any other Thai restaurant. Other dishes I end up getting on a regular basis include the Indonesian Fried Rice, Boat Noodle Soup, Pad Kra Pao (Basil chicken over rice), and Kua Gai.

And one last note, I couldn't ask for better friends! They surprised me yesterday with a nice ice cream cake sporting my (according to Jason) trademark phrase! Thanks everyone!

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