Sunday, March 9, 2008

March Potluck!

I have a small dinner party every now and then with friends that are still in the area. It's a great time for me to try new recipes and such so I can get feedback. And I can also eat a ton since everyone else brings lots of food too!

I ended up making two dishes for the potluck. By request, I made a Baked Brie (I will post the recipe later this week). I made a Baked Brie for the first time at my Housewarming party and ever since, my friends have demanded that I bring it to any special event :P

The other dish I made was a from a food network recipe my sister sent me. In her own words, it looked "Sooooo Goooooood!" on tv and that I "should make it because food network is awesome." The recipe is called "spicy" macaroni WITH cheese. I say "spicy" because the recipe (will post later) requires 1/2 teaspoon of red pepper flakes. Now, some may be very sensitive to that amount of spice, but not my burned out tastebuds. Anyway, I put in a tablespoon and it still didn't taste spicy at all. Also, this is more of macaroni with cheese rather than macaroni AND cheese...mainly because there's really more macaroni mass than cheese. This recipe didn't use any sort of cream or a lot of butter so the creamy cheesy effect isn't there. That's not to say that it wasn't was very tasty! It uses melted mozzarella, romano, and parmesan as well as a dash of cilantro and basil which I found very flavorful.

Anyway, here are the pictures!

The macaroni:

Baked Brie!

Rod Dee food from Frank (Thai restaurant in Brookline...will do a post on them sometime in the future...keep forgetting my camera when I go):

Lisa's Pork Loin!

Linh's egg-less brownies:

John brought a cake that I forgot to take pictures of and Jason brought some hummus...which I also forgot to take pictures of. Next time!

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